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Investment Banking

Complete advisory services for all kind of companies in complex and strategic transactions.

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Bradesco BBI, the investment bank of the Bradesco organization, advises clients related to primary and secondary offerings, mergers and acquisitions, as well as on the structuring and distribution of debt instruments, including debentures, promissory notes, asset-backed securities (CRIs and FIDCs), real estate funds and project finance. As part of one of the largest financial conglomerates in the Americas, Bradesco BBI has established relationships in various business segments and industries. In addition, the organization has a highly specialized and qualified team, recognized for its excellence in providing investment banking and capital markets solutions in Brazil and abroad.

  • Equity Capital Markets

    The Equity Capital Markets (ECM) division provides solutions for companies through equities transactions, structuring public equity offers for companies - IPOs, follow-ons and also tender offers in order to cancel the company's registration as a publicly-held company. The purpose of the division is to expand the sources of funding for companies via equity offerings, allowing them to continue executing their business and growth plans, as well as to provide liquidity for their shareholders.

    Bradesco BBI's ECM team is responsible for coordinating all the steps for the accomplishment of a successful equity issuance, from its structuring to the distribution strategy with investors, in the national and international markets.

    Among the main activities of the division: the coordination of the working group gathered by attorneys, auditors and company members and also other financial institutions, which supports the preparation of all the documentation required by the respective regulatory agencies, the preparation of all marketing materials and the training of executives, the development of strategies, arranging of roadshows and pricing coordination through the bookbuilding process.

    As well as the intermediation with external agents, the ECM team maintains frequent interactions with the bank's syndicate and research areas and local and international sales teams in order to implement the best distribution strategy for each offering. The ECM area also uses market intelligence to support business origination through meetings and presentations and conception and execution of sector events.

  • Fixed Income

    Local Debt Capital Markets

    Bradesco BBI offers short and long term financing solutions - either in Reais or Dollars - through funding operations in the local debt capital markets, operating as a financial intermediary structuring and underwriting securities, helping companies with different profiles to access the Brazilian capital markets. Bradesco BBI's solutions involve all types of debt instruments, including commercial papers, debentures, financial notes and credit bank notes, and can be linked to interbank certificate of deposit (CDI), inflation, fixed-rates and the exchange-rate variation, among others, with public or private distribution to investors such as asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies, bank treasuries, private banks, family offices and individuals.

    Bradesco BBI has broad experience in the local capital markets and has been on the leadership position for the last years.

    International Debt Capital Markets

    Bradesco BBI is active in the international debt capital markets, structuring and distributing bonds and other standardized and customized products for a range of companies (frequent or first time issuers, with different credit rating levels). Bradesco BBI offers solutions in liability management, which includes debt refinancing/restructuring, financing of investment programs and acquisitions through issuances denominated in different currencies, such as: US Dollars, Brazilian Reais, Sterling pounds, Euros and Swiss Francs, among others. Bradesco BBI's scope of work also includes: assistance to companies during the entire rating assessment process (rating advisory), coordination of legal and disclosure documentation preparation, review of offering documents, assistance in preparing roadshow presentations and all other arrangements during the marketing process of an operation. After the execution phase, the bonds are distributed to foreign investors through Bradesco BBI's sales force with offices based in Hong Kong, London, New York and São Paulo, which offer coverage to the clients throughout all time zones and are exclusively dedicated to the sale of fixed income securities.

    Additionally, Bradesco BBI's sales team has a close day to day  relationship with different types of investors (pension funds, insurance companies, bank proprietary desks, private banks, hedge funds, mutual funds and endowment funds) located in the main financial centers of the world, such as: New York, Boston, the US West Coast, London, Hong Kong and Geneva, among others. In addition, when Bradesco BBI acts as bookrunner in an issuance, we are committed in the coverage of the securities in the secondary market through regular fixed income research reports and to provide liquidity for the bonds through purchase and / or sell prices up to the bond's maturity.

    In recent years Bradesco BBI has positioned itself as one of the leading banks in the international debt capital markets.

    Structured Finance

    Bradesco BBI also provides tailor-made financial solutions for its clients to meet needs for investments, acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, stock buybacks, improvement of financial indicators, capital structure optimizations, segregation of assets and risk and diversification of capital sources. These solutions can be corporate, project or off-balance. They can also be implemented in stages using different instruments for each, so as to obtain the best final structure for the necessary funding and guarantees. Such solutions involve: financial consulting via corporate finance, acquisition finance, complex financing operations linked to M&A, structures related to equity transactions, hybrid capital and debt instruments, structuring of subordinated debt or debt convertible in redeemable preferred shares, treasury-linked operations involving derivatives based on interest rates, exchange rate, inflation and/or generation of guarantees for LCA or LCI.

    We also develop structures to segregate credit risks such as Receivables Backed Investment Fund (FIDCs), Structuring of Operations to Transfer Conditioned Credit, Real Estate Operations, of which (i) LI - Real Estate Financing Notes; (ii) CCI - Mortgage Credit Notes; (iii) CRI - Real Estate Asset Backed Securities; (iv) CEPAC - Additional Construction Potential Certificates and (v) Real Estate Investment Funds; Agribusiness Operations, of which (i) CPR - Rural Product Notes; (ii) CRP - Rural Securable and/or Mortgage Bills; (iii) NCR - Rural Credit Notes; (iv) CDCA - Agricultural Credit Rights Certificates; (v) CRA - Agricultural Receivables Certificates; (Vi) CDA/WA - Agricultural Certificates of Deposit and Agricultural Warrants and (vii) Agricultural Credit Rights Investment Funds.

    Bradesco BBI is a leader in financing for corporate acquisitions (acquisition finance) and receivables securitization.

    Project Finance

    Bradesco BBI benefits from its broad experience as a financial adviser and arranger of investment projects, be it via corporate or project finance, always seeking the best short and long-term financing solutions for projects in various sectors of the Brazilian economy. With its profound knowledge of the main infrastructure sectors, such as energy, logistics, mining and oil and gas, Bradesco BBI is very well acquainted with the specificities of the main long term funding sources, especially with regards to the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). In addition to BNDES, Bradesco BBI also benefits from a solid relationship with local and international long-term funding sources such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Bradesco BBI's scope of work includes: i) financial advisory services in the context of auctions and ii)advisory and/or arranging of short and long-term modalities for investment projects, offering resources such as commercial bank funding and/or bank guarantees, as well as solutions in the local and international capital markets (debentures and project bonds).

    In recent years, Bradesco BBI has become one of the leaders in the project finance market, taking on a major role in financing solutions for important projects throughout the country.

  • M&A

    Bradesco BBI is recognized as a leading M&A house in Brazil, with best-in-class execution bankers and proven track record. Our team provides M&A advisory services for clients on some of their most complex strategic decisions and transactions, including divestitures, acquisitions, mergers, private placements, and financial and corporate restructurings. Bradesco BBI attends Brazilian and foreign clients in all kind of transactions, domestic and cross-border.

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